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I've decided to go friends only, just because it makes things easier for me.
There are no rules, I'd just like you to comment every once in a while on posts I make here or elsewhere.
If you don't I'll possiby assume you're not interested anyway and drop you after a while.

So, don't be shy, I love new friends, if I've seen you around and we've talked, I'll probably add you back. :)
But please do leave me a comment if you friend me/would like to friend me and say hello!

In case you're only looking for my fan fiction, please visit [ profile] themauvedecade.
Icons will be posted to [ profile] oxmotic_icons from now on.
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So, I started to watch Skins. I'm incredibly late, I know!
But I enjoyed the first four episodes so much! Joe Dempsie is kinda cute. Oh, God they're getting younger and younger, it feels so wrong! Ahem...

And I finally found time to make a fanmix I've been meaning to make for a while. It's a bit random, I fear, just like my taste in music.
Oh, and I do know that 'let's chase the dragon' in Suede's 'So Young' is most likely a drug reference, but that other line convinced me to use it nevertheless.
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I finished my first Merlin fanvid. It's crack because that's what my vid bunnies usually are.

Title: 'Let's Get It On' or 'Merlin's Sexual Awakening'
Artist: Marvin Gaye
Characters/Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Spoilers: for all of season one
Notes: This video is dedicated to[ profile] hils  and[ profile] lou_angel  because it was their fabulous fic The Epic Tale of What's Under Arthur's Bed that inspired it.

Embedded video and download link under the cut... )
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Just some leftovers I found on my comp and Small Faces quote icons + friends only banner:

[01-07] Hornblower (& Greg Wise)
[08] Desmond (Lost)
[09] Eric Clapton
[10] The Faces
[11-15] Eastern Promises
[16-20] The Who
[21-28]Small Faces quotes
Kenneth Thomas Jones, damn his hands and rot his bones. )
- Credit please
- Feel free to add text
- I <3 comments

Also, any ideas/requests for quote icons of The Who et al? I've got some time on my hands. :)
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Just a bunch of very simple black and white icons from the movie Dragonwyck (1946) starring Vincent Price, Gene Tierney & Glenn Langan, because I like it and young Vincent is eye candy. ;)

Under here... )
- Please credit
- Feel free to add your own text
- Comments are always appreciated! :)

F-list cut

Jun. 14th, 2008 09:58 am
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I'm sorry, but it was about time for this.
Don't take this personal in any way, it's just that I didn't feel like we connected.
This is a locked personal journal so I reserve the right to be a bit picky about who can read all of it.

If I took you off my list, but you would like to get back on it, comment on this entry and I'll reconsider.

Icon dump

May. 4th, 2008 01:47 pm
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Just a few random icons...
[18] The Who
[3] Cream
[1] Mike Nesmith
[3] The Small Faces
[2] Steve Marriott
[3] Humble Pie
[1] The Faces
[1] Tom Waits

(Scroll down, they are there, can't work out why there's that space...)
Icons under the cut... )
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22 The Who (one text)
5 Mike Nesmith
Under the cut... )
Oh, and for everyone else who can't wait for next Thursday, the first episode of The Mighty Boosh season 3 is on youtube, find it here.
Not quite as funny as the previous seasons, but it's only one episode so far...
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So, this is the new HH video I've been talking about.
It's a Hammond video (well, it could also have been a Wellard video, but C. Coulson has the funnier facial expressions) and a little mean, I'll admit that.

Title: Mama Told Me Not To Come
Music: Tom Jones & Stereophonics
Video: Hornblower series "Loyalty" & one scene from "Mutiny"
Characters: Hammond
Notes: As I said, it's a little mean, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless. It includes that gory powder monkey scene, so if you don't like seeing that stuff, you've been warned.Video under the cut... )
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I've been at the Photoshop again and made some more icons. Yes, I like close ups... ;)

The Monkees - Comics

Monkees comic )

The Monkees

The Monkees )

The Who

The Who )

Please credit if you take any. Comments are always nice! :)
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At least I'm trying to: I made another Hornblower video.
I'm not totally happy with it (not only because I couldn't find a decent shot of seabirds), but then again I never am...
It's a rather happy video, all set around the moment when Bush and Hornblower meet again in Portsmouth during Loyalty. I've wanted to do this for quite some time, because PMG's expression when he recognises HH is priceless. Very fitting for the song I thought, or viceversa...
Video under the cut... )
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I'm hooked on Brian Auger's Oblivion Express, guess it's the Hammond organ, I love that instrument. I'm even considering to see him play in Dortmund in November, although of course he's been a lot cooler in the 60's/70's...

And because this came up in a discussion & I'm bored, I decided to create my Top 10 of Monkee pants (with "illustrations"):
It's a BUNNY and a CHICKEN!!! )

*For pop culture reference see Angry Beavers episode "Same Time Last Week".
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  1. I almost poisoned myself today.
    I picked some black elderberry on my walk along the river and wanted to eat the berries for tea. I had actually already eaten a few when my flatmate came and asked me if you weren't supposed to cook them, because they're poisonous.
    Okay, I would probably only have gotten a stomach-ache or would have thrown up in the worst case...
    I made juice out of them in the end. It was quite tasty, I might go back and pick some more tomorrow.
  2. Was Davy stoned or what? )
  3. I made some icons again. True Dare Kiss icons to be exact.
    Here, under the cut. )
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Just in case you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, go here, give them your name and watch this 12 min. short movie with Paul McGann and Richard E. Grant (well, if you don't mind all the swearing and the dirty bits. You've been warned!).
It's definitely worth it!
HandMade Films, another reason why I love George Harrison... ;)

You know, I knew PMG had it in him since that bit in Hornblower: As Midshipmen, I expect you to know this ship like the back of your hand, or else you shall know the back of mine. He's the BOSS! XD

And I made a few icons, very basic, some animated.
Under the cut )
And now I'm having breakfast!
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I was just a bit busier as I thought the last two days.
So, here you go [ profile] iansmomesq  and the others that are interested...

32 The Monkees - Hitting The High Seas screencaps )

And I also tried to make some icons...

More under the cut... )

Book list

Jan. 1st, 2007 12:00 pm
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I started this entry in October 2007 (more or less for myself), to keep track of my reading habits (this doesn't include some of the stuff I read for uni though).
I hope I'll manage to keep it up to date, I might not add every book the actual day I finished reading though.
List under the cut... )



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