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I've been at the Photoshop again and made some more icons. Yes, I like close ups... ;)

The Monkees - Comics

Monkees comic )

The Monkees

The Monkees )

The Who

The Who )

Please credit if you take any. Comments are always nice! :)
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I'm hooked on Brian Auger's Oblivion Express, guess it's the Hammond organ, I love that instrument. I'm even considering to see him play in Dortmund in November, although of course he's been a lot cooler in the 60's/70's...

And because this came up in a discussion & I'm bored, I decided to create my Top 10 of Monkee pants (with "illustrations"):
It's a BUNNY and a CHICKEN!!! )

*For pop culture reference see Angry Beavers episode "Same Time Last Week".
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  1. I almost poisoned myself today.
    I picked some black elderberry on my walk along the river and wanted to eat the berries for tea. I had actually already eaten a few when my flatmate came and asked me if you weren't supposed to cook them, because they're poisonous.
    Okay, I would probably only have gotten a stomach-ache or would have thrown up in the worst case...
    I made juice out of them in the end. It was quite tasty, I might go back and pick some more tomorrow.
  2. Was Davy stoned or what? )
  3. I made some icons again. True Dare Kiss icons to be exact.
    Here, under the cut. )
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I was just a bit busier as I thought the last two days.
So, here you go [ profile] iansmomesq  and the others that are interested...

32 The Monkees - Hitting The High Seas screencaps )

And I also tried to make some icons...

More under the cut... )



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