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I finished my first Merlin fanvid. It's crack because that's what my vid bunnies usually are.

Title: 'Let's Get It On' or 'Merlin's Sexual Awakening'
Artist: Marvin Gaye
Characters/Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Spoilers: for all of season one
Notes: This video is dedicated to[ profile] hils  and[ profile] lou_angel  because it was their fabulous fic The Epic Tale of What's Under Arthur's Bed that inspired it.

Embedded video and download link under the cut... )
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So, this is the new HH video I've been talking about.
It's a Hammond video (well, it could also have been a Wellard video, but C. Coulson has the funnier facial expressions) and a little mean, I'll admit that.

Title: Mama Told Me Not To Come
Music: Tom Jones & Stereophonics
Video: Hornblower series "Loyalty" & one scene from "Mutiny"
Characters: Hammond
Notes: As I said, it's a little mean, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless. It includes that gory powder monkey scene, so if you don't like seeing that stuff, you've been warned.Video under the cut... )
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At least I'm trying to: I made another Hornblower video.
I'm not totally happy with it (not only because I couldn't find a decent shot of seabirds), but then again I never am...
It's a rather happy video, all set around the moment when Bush and Hornblower meet again in Portsmouth during Loyalty. I've wanted to do this for quite some time, because PMG's expression when he recognises HH is priceless. Very fitting for the song I thought, or viceversa...
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