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I'm hooked on Brian Auger's Oblivion Express, guess it's the Hammond organ, I love that instrument. I'm even considering to see him play in Dortmund in November, although of course he's been a lot cooler in the 60's/70's...

And because this came up in a discussion & I'm bored, I decided to create my Top 10 of Monkee pants (with "illustrations"):
Okay... let's see. I think this is gonna be heavy on the Peter & Mike side, just because I think they have the prettiest legs...

  1. It's got to be Mike's red brown pants that he wears in the Rainbow Room videos (actually I think all their pants in that videos are fab). I really can't help but stare past the one that's singing at that pants. It's worst in Randy Scouse Git.

  2. The velvety pants Peter wears. He has a blue and a red pair, I prefer the red one.

  3. Their beach outfits.

    (erm, yeah, I couldn't not post that last one, could I?)
  4. Peter's white pants.

  5. This pair of Mike's. Pretty similar to the red brown ones, but boy has he legs in that pair! ;)

  6. The blue pants Peter wears in Head, especially combined with the boots.

  7. These grey pants.

  8. Mike's dark stripy pants (he also has a lighter pair, but these look better)

  9. Davy's white jeans(?) in 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee (crappy pic, sorry).

  10. Micky's blue pants as seen in Monkees Blow Their Minds.

Honorable mentions go to:
  • The jeans they wore in The Wild Monkees

  • The dark outfits from Mijacogeo and Art For Monkees' Sake

  • The pants of their suits (all of them, they look great in suits).

  • And Peter's bicoloured pants, just because they're so... Peter.

  • And every last second of the Porpoise Song video from the end of Head: slow motion AND close-ups!
Of course this is just my humble opinion... what do you think?

*For pop culture reference see Angry Beavers episode "Same Time Last Week".
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